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DUI charges

Why don’t the police wait outside the bar?

The police certainly know that a lot of people who are leaving the bar have been consuming alcohol. If they're trying to give out DUIs, this may make it seem as if they should just wait outside of the bar and pull people over. And, while you may have seen the police...

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How accurate are field sobriety tests?

A DUI conviction is a serious matter that can have consequences that last a lifetime. Despite how detrimental these charges can be, the methods of convicting a driver are not as accurate as you may expect. Field sobriety tests are a staple method of testing sobriety...

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Are field sobriety tests mandatory?

Getting pulled over is never what you want to experience on your way home. In the moments between when you stop your vehicle and when the officer approaches your car, you hope that you have a tail light out or committed a minor traffic infraction. Once the officer...

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