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Drug charges

Does Georgia have a drug court program?

For many years, courts punished convicted drug offenders with fines and/or jail time. But then some states began experimenting with their own “drug courts” that addressed some nonviolent drug crimes in different ways. Incarceration rates began to drop. These court...

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How Long Are Drugs Detectable?

The amount of time that drugs show up in the event of a drug test varies depending on several factors, including the dose that was taken, what type of drug was used, how frequently that person uses the substance and the individual's own metabolism. Different drugs can...

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Can You Share Medication If It’s Helpful?

You know that it’s illegal to sell your medication. For instance, perhaps you are taking painkillers after some type of surgery or an injury. You’re not allowed to sell these to someone else because they are often used for recreational purposes, which could be...

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What To Look For In A Search Warrant?

In the United States, you have a host of legal rights and protections that are enshrined in the constitution. Some notable examples are your rights to privacy and protection from unlawful searches and seizures, which are set out in the Fourth Amendment.  One of the...

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Immunity when reporting an overdose

Many people do not realize how big a problem drugs have become in this country. When they hear of people dying due to overdoes, they think it only concerns a minority sector that does not concern them. While that might once have been the case, opioids have changed...

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