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Defending People In Georgia Charged With Drug Crimes

The state of Georgia has some of the toughest drug offense laws in the south. Prosecutors can be relentless, often seeking the harshest penalties allowed by law. Even first-time offenders with no criminal record could be facing steep fines plus time in jail or prison. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Georgia, we can help.

As a former assistant district attorney, Matt Crosby has firsthand knowledge of how prosecutors work. He has the knowledge and experience to protect your rights and fight for your freedom.

Drug Offenses We Defend

In Georgia, not only are drugs like marijuana, THC, cocaine, and methamphetamine considered controlled substances but so are the compounds used to manufacture them. This broad definition of “controlled substances” is part of efforts on the part of the federal government and the state of Georgia to “crackdown” on the use of illegal drugs. Drug offense charges we regularly defend include:

Building A Defense Against Your Charges

Representing a client accused of drug offenses always starts by getting a thorough understanding of what happened at the arrest. Just because you are in a vehicle or a home where drugs are found does not mean that you are guilty of possessing those drugs. The state must prove that you had both the ability and intention to exercise control over them. Merely being in close proximity to drugs is not enough, especially when others had equal access to them.

Law enforcement agencies can sometimes be too aggressive in carrying out their duties and overstep their bounds in drug cases. It is not uncommon to find arrests that result from searches made without a warrant, without probable cause and without consent. We even see clients who feel intimidated into granting officers access to their homes or vehicles. By aggressively challenging these improper searches and seizures on the part of law enforcement, we may be able to get charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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