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The importance of staying calm during a DUI stop?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | DUI charges

Maintaining a cool head can be challenging when you see the police waving you down. Yet, it is in your best interests.

If the police charge you with a DUI, there are several defense options you can look at. You might be able to get the penalty reduced or overturn the charge altogether. Getting a favorable outcome will be trickier if you act in the wrong manner at the police stop.

How should you act if the police pull you over?

At this point, you have no idea why they are stopping you. These three things avoid making it worse:

  • Stop when the police try to stop you: While the stop may make you late for an appointment, not stopping will cost more time when they catch you.
  • Stay calm: All sorts of things might flash through your mind as the police approach your vehicle. Being jumpy or jittery could put the police on edge. Sit still and avoid sudden movements.
  • Be polite: Let’s say you pull over, and the police ask if you have been drinking. Admitting you had one low-alcohol beer could cause them to breath test you, or it may lead to them telling you to drive safely and go on your way. You cannot predict how they will react. Yet, if you respond aggressively, or rudely you can be sure they will make your situation more difficult. You are under no obligation to answer police questions, but whether you reply or refuse, do so politely or say nothing at all.

It can be hard to think straight during a police stop. Thinking about how to contest a DUI charge will be easier with suitable help. Keeping your cool during the stop ensures you do not have to defend against other charges as well.