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Stealing a shopping cart is a crime

You might not think much about the shopping carts you use while shopping at a supermarket, but they’re incredibly useful. They help you transport even the heaviest goods and allow you to purchase more items than had you used a shopping bag or basket. But because these...

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Does Georgia have a drug court program?

For many years, courts punished convicted drug offenders with fines and/or jail time. But then some states began experimenting with their own “drug courts” that addressed some nonviolent drug crimes in different ways. Incarceration rates began to drop. These court...

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Should You Submit To A Field Sobriety Test?

It’s important that the police pull over vehicles for the safety of others. The police may have reasonable suspicion that a driver has committed, is committing or will commit a crime. A driver may draw the police's suspicion if they show signs of inebriation, such as...

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Should You Consider A Plea Deal?

If you face criminal charges, it’s highly likely that the prosecutor will offer you a plea deal. They offer you a lesser sentence in exchange for saving them the time and trouble of going to trial. There are certainly occasions where it makes sense to take one, but...

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