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Can You Share Medication If It’s Helpful?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Drug charges

You know that it’s illegal to sell your medication. For instance, perhaps you are taking painkillers after some type of surgery or an injury. You’re not allowed to sell these to someone else because they are often used for recreational purposes, which could be dangerous. This is part of the reason for the opioid epidemic. People can get addicted to these painkillers, and then they begin buying them illegally. 

But what if you’re not trying to make money or be part of this drug trade? You’re just trying to be helpful. Maybe you have a friend or a family member who deals with chronic pain, and you know that the painkillers would help. Or perhaps you have an entirely different type of medication, such as ADHD medication. You know that it might help someone who is dealing with the same symptoms that you have, so you want to share it with them. This person is likely a friend or a family member. You know this person well and you want the best for them. In a situation like that, is it OK to share your medicine?

You can never share prescription medication

Unfortunately, the law is very clear that you should not share prescription medication. Your intent doesn’t necessarily matter. It is still illegal. These medications are controlled substances and can only be used by someone who has a valid prescription. Giving them to someone else who does not have a prescription is illegal both for you and for them if they are caught in possession of these substances.

Certainly, you may not face the same type of ramifications if you’re caught sharing prescription medicine as if you were selling it or intentionally trying to violate drug laws. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is illegal, and it’s important for people to know that so they don’t make an accidental mistake that leads to very serious charges.

What are your legal options?

That being said, it is possible that an honest mistake could find you facing more significant criminal charges than you ever imagined. Your future hangs in the balance, and it’s quite important for you to know about all of your legal defense options in this situation.