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What do you really know about the DUI laws in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | DUI charges

Do you rely on the experiences of others to resolve some of the hardships that affect your life? Sometimes, advice from your peers can help you find a solution to your problem. Unfortunately, you also risk receiving misinformation that does nothing to improve your circumstances.

For example, Georgia DUI laws are prone to frequent changes. A friend that faced a DUI conviction five years ago might not have the most current legal information. This is the way in which myths and misconceptions about legal matters spread among the members of a community.

You need facts — not tales

Even if you believe your friends and family are right about their DUI experiences, you should still find the facts and ignore the myths. Here are some common myths.

  • A first DUI offense is nothing to worry about: In fact, a conviction for a first-time DUI comes with many penalties such as license suspension, costly fines, possible jail time and mandatory community service.
  • You can only be charged with DUI if you are over the legal limit: You can be arrested if you are driving unsafely while under the influence even if you haven’t reached the legal limit.
  • A DUI arrest will always result in a conviction: In truth, you have options to defend against a DUI conviction successfully. In many cases, the improper actions of the arresting officers play a role in effective defenses. Other times, you may have grounds to call the results of a breathalyzer or chemical test into question.

As you can see, accurate and up-to-date legal information is vital in protecting yourself from a conviction. Having experienced legal guidance can also help you protect your rights and work toward the best outcome.