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What is probation and what happens if it is violated?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Criminal defense

Being placed on probation can be significant for any accused individual. For that reason, they should understand the terms of probation, the consequences if probation requirements and conditions are violated and what they can do if they are facing a probation violation.

Examples of probation terms

Probation requirements and conditions may be placed on an accused individual in lieu of being sent to jail. Probation requirements are court-ordered requirements that are supervised by a probation officer. Examples of probation requirements and conditions that may be set can include:

  • Regularly meeting with a probation officer at scheduled times;
  • Appearing for any scheduled court dates;
  • Paying any fines or restitution due;
  • Avoiding associating with certain people;
  • Avoiding frequently certain places;
  • Not traveling out of state without a probation officer’s approval;
  • Obeying all laws;
  • Refraining from illegal drug use or excessive alcohol use; and
  • Submitting to drug or alcohol testing

What happens if probation requirements and conditions are violated?

Probation violations are serious and can result in the accused individual’s probation being revoked which means they can be sent to jail. The consequences and penalties for a probation violation can range from a warning to additional probation terms, steep fines or probation revocation and incarceration depending on the circumstances. The accused individual may also end up facing new criminal charges.

Accused individuals have important criminal defense rights to defend themselves against a probation violation accusation. They should be familiar with what those are so they can protect themselves with so much on the line after being accused of violating the conditions of their probation.