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Consequences and fees of DUI conviction in Georgia

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | DUI charges

Receiving a citation for driving under the influence in Georgia can be an expensive scenario. What’s more, it’s not necessary for the accused to have consumed alcohol for a citation to be valid. Police officers are trained in detecting the odor and effects of using illegal drugs, especially marijuana, and alcohol odor is not required for officers to claim reasonable suspicion before investigating for probable cause. Georgia law is strict with respect to intoxicated driving, and there are additional fees that can be assessed as well as significant fines and jail time from impaired driving charges that result in convictions.

Ignition interlock device fees

Georgia is one of the states implementing the use of ignition interlock devices for some convicted intoxicated drivers. The devices are ordered to be installed in the vehicles of those with multiple convictions. Monitoring of the device carries a service fee that is also paid by the convicted person. This can also apply to those convicted of multiple offenses of impaired driving even if their DUI charges stemmed from smoking marijuana. Marijuana presence in the blood stream can actually last in the body for up to 30 days for the average individual, and blood or urine tests can detect it even though an IID cannot.

Alcoholic driver education

Another associated fee for an intoxicated driving conviction is the requirement to attend ADE classes for a designated period, a cost which is also borne by the convicted person. Just as with other mandatory punishments accompanying conviction of DUI charges, lawyers cannot plea bargain ADE out of a guilty plea. It is a requirement just like mandatory jail terms for multiple offenders.

These service fees are just two of the types of penalties Georgia courts can order for impaired drivers who are convicted. They are not negotiable when the case is finalized, and the financial responsibilities are above and beyond any other fines or damages ordered to be paid when an impaired driver is involved in an accident. It is always vital to have an experienced Georgia DUI attorney when fighting DUI charges. The additional fees can amount to as much personal expense as the fines themselves.