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How Harsh Are DUI Penalties In Georgia Compared To Other States?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | DUI charges

Getting a DUI comes with serious consequences and some people may not be aware of how significantly a DUI charge can affect their lives. From fines, to jail time, to insurance premiums, there are a variety of penalties you can face for a DUI.

Additionally, the consequences of being charged with a DUI vary from state to state. Where does Georgia fall in the rankings nationwide for severity of penalties?

Penalties From State To State

Georgia DUI penalties for a first-time DUI can include $300 to $1,000 in fines, anywhere between 24 hours and a year in jail and up to a year of license suspension. Georgia laws do not require installation of an ignition interlock device after your first DUI charge.

These consequences fall somewhere in the middle in terms of severity nationwide. Fines in Indiana can amount to as much as $5,000 along with up to a year in jail, whereas Pennsylvania fines will only cost you approximately $300 with no jail time. Utah requires at least 48 hours of jail time and a minimum of $700 in fines and in Vermont you could spend up to two years in jail for a first offense.

It was also reported that insurance premiums rise by an average of 62 percent, nationally, after a first DUI charge, with North Caroline rates increasing the most at 368 percent. Georgia drivers may expect a 92 percent increase in insurance rates after a DUI, which falls in the top 10 nationwide.

Driving while under the influence is a serious offense everywhere in the United States and Georgia is no exception. Understanding the potential charges is important and you may want to hire a defense attorney to represent you. An attorney may help you work through your charges and get a handle on moving forward from them.