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Georgia traffic stops lead to drug charges for several motorists

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Drug charges

Traffic stops may seem like a minor event and interaction with law enforcement; however, when motorists in Georgia and elsewhere get pulled over, the traffic stop could evolve into a larger criminal matter. While this can be problematic for the motorist, resulting in criminal charges, it is also a time when the motorist should ask if the proper procedures occurred and whether he or she was lawfully arrested and charged.

Traffic stops

According to recent reports, several motorists were arrested in Lowndes County over the past couple of days for drug charges. It was further reported that these traffic stops occurred on Interstate 75. The Sheriff’s Office stated that the seized around $600,000 net worth of illegal narcotics and between $40,000 – $50,000 in currency.

Drug Charges

One of these stops occurred when law enforcement noted a registration violation and operating without headlights. This stop resulted in the recovery of roughly eight pounds of marijuana and more than three pounds of THC-laced edibles. It was further reported that this came to a net worth of around $50,000. Authorities reported that this vehicle was traveling from Michigan to Daytona.

This stop resulted in the arrest of two females. Both were charged with felony possession of a Schedule I narcotic and for the possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. It was not clear what led to the search of this vehicle or where the seized narcotics were found.

When a motorist is subjected to a search following a traffic stop, it is important that it is lawfully conducted. This means that something was in plain sight, the motorist consented to it or there was reasonable suspicion that led to the search. Looking at this process and the procedures followed could give rise to a criminal defense action for the charged motorist.

Know your rights

A search subsequent to a traffic stop could result in a motorist facing drug charges. While a motorist may accept these charges, it is imperative for individuals to understand their right to assert a criminal defense. Taking these steps could help the accused reduce the charges and penalties or clear his or her name altogether.