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Are field sobriety tests mandatory?

Getting pulled over is never what you want to experience on your way home. In the moments between when you stop your vehicle and when the officer approaches your car, you hope that you have a tail light out or committed a minor traffic infraction. Once the officer...

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What is a hit-and-run offense in Georgia?

The roads in Georgia can be hazardous, particularly in areas with high congestion. As a result, it is not uncommon for accidents to occur. These accidents might result in physical injury, and the party responsible may panic and react in ways that are not typical.  A...

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What factors aggravate a battery charge?

The Georgia Code defines battery as an offense a person commits when they make physical contact with another to provoke or harm them. In Georgia, the crime of battery is a misdemeanor, but it can become a felony under certain circumstances. The penalties of battery...

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