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If you are like most people, this may be the first time you are facing a legal challenge. But facing a criminal charge is not just a little problem. Nothing less than your liberty and your future will be at stake.

The first decision you make will be your choice of attorney. You need someone who can get you the best result possible. Make your first call to Crosby Law.

Experience matters. As a former assistant district attorney who helped train police officers, Matt Crosby knows the legal system and the people in itAs a former judicial staff attorney, Lori Crosby knows the law and what judges look for in an argument. Together, they know success in the courtroom and what it takes to fight for you and protect your rights. 

You Don’t Need Empty Promises. You Need A Lawyer You Can Trust.

The Internet is overcrowded with law firms promising people their charges will be reduced or dismissed, or they’ll be found innocent. Sorry, but the criminal justice system will never be that simple.

No attorney should promise you any definite outcome. Every case is based on its own set of facts and circumstances. At Crosby Law, we will only make one promise: to apply every day of our 30 years of experience as we fight to protect your rights, your freedom and your future.

Former assistant district attorney Matt Crosby will be out front, acting one step ahead of the prosecutor’s next move. Our law firm is well-respected in Gwinnett County and surrounding courts throughout the Atlanta metro area. Our excellent reputation for integrity and strategic, effective defense grows with every client we represent.

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